Men Ministry

Women Ministry

Ida Corinthian leads the Ladies Ministry. Each of these divisions is designed with the aspiration of developing women who are Vibrant, Intimate, and Passionate to serve God. Each of these divisions are structured with foundational doctrine to influence women to grow spiritually in the word of God.

Youth Ministry

Minister Keona Porter
Brother Demetrius Evans

The Youth Ministry’s desire is to build and equip youth (ages 13-24) to become Apostolic leaders in their community. Our goal is to establish ministries that will educate and motivate youth into growing spiritually. Activities are generally fun, youth-inspired programs with a teaching element intertwined. These ministries also provide opportunities for youth to get involved with leading in areas within the church. Our belief is that if they learn to lead in the church, they are less likely to follow the world.

Music Ministry

The New Life Music Department is a dynamic ministry whose purpose is to create an environment that encourages and enables participants to be equipped to lead the congregation in worship. We seek to provide opportunities to use and develop each person’s individual strengths, whether they are classically trained or self-taught.

Outreach Ministry

Sunday School

Minister M. Smith

The Sunday School’s vision is to provide a solid foundation education in the apostolic doctrine and biblical principles. We provide services twice a week to demonstrate effective Christian Education. Our desire is to ensure that people have opportunities to learn about Christ and build a solid relationship through classes with qualified instructors that have been seasoned by the word of God. We offer classroom teaching for the following age groups: Toddler, Kindergarten, Beginners Primary, Preteen Teen, from 3 y/o & up. Nursery is also available.

Guest Services

Brother Andre & Sister Diane Bryant

New Life Tabernacle UPC, is comprised of many components that allow the church to thrive and function smoothly. One of these necessary components is the Guest Services Department. Andre Bryant heads this dynamic ministry that focuses on presenting a warm and hospitable first and lasting impression to guests, members, and regular attendees. It is a vital ministry of New Life, which assists in building the foundation for an awesome worship experience. With open arms, the Guest Services Department caters to the relationships that are essential in fostering the growth of the congregation.



Sister Tonia Moore


Brother Roderick James

The bus ministry provides transportation for individuals and families to regularly attend church services, and Monday night Bible study. Growth continues with faithful attendance to Sunday school and church service. God wants his house to be filled.